Official Virtual Notice Board

10/18/20 8:55am

J22 Crew Substitution received.

10/17/20 Race Committee Docking

Race committee docking time is 4:55pm.

10/16/20 – 9:30 p.m.

Sailing Instructions Amendment #1 has been posted.

Sailing Instructions Amendment #1


10/16/20 – 9:29 p.m.

Notice Regarding Virtual Protest Hearings

  1. Communications regarding protests will be made by email and text message directed to the email and telephone number provided in your registration.  If you wish for communications regarding protests to be provided to a different email or telephone number, you must notify the protest committee chairman prior to the close of the protest time limit by sending an email to
  2. You must monitor the email and telephone number provided to the Organizing Authority to receive notice of protest hearings.
  3. To participate in a protest hearing, you must have or arrange for access to equipment that will allow you to connect to Zoom.
  4. Completed protest forms will be emailed to the parties and the jury prior to the commencement of a protest hearing.
  5. A Zoom link for each hearing will be emailed to each of the parties and all witnesses identified in the protest form prior to the commencement of each hearing.  A protestee intending to call a witness must notify the protest committee chairman of the identity of such witness and his/her email and telephone number at the beginning of such hearing.
  6. Unless authorized by the protest committee, no witness at any protest hearing may be within earshot of any party to the protest hearing.
  7. No recordings may be made of any proceedings.
  8. No party or witness may communicate electronically with any person outside of the hearing during the conduct of any hearing.